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How to make money as a writer on Guru.com

by Oboypapi

Our most recent post covered the topic of earning money on Guru.com. This time, I’m going cover how to use Guru.com to get money writing. This website is excellent for swiftly earning a large sum of money. One of those websites where you genuinely get what you put into it is Guru. Long-term clients, a wide variety of freelance writing assignments, and a healthy bank account are all rewards for your time and effort.

People usually ask;

Can I Earn As A Writer On Guru.com ?

And the answer is yes obviously. When you go into the site to sign up, they have a dedicated tap for writers to sign up on. This implies is that there is a great chance for a freelancer to make money as a writer on Guru.com


How do I make money as a writer on Guru.com?

Never put all of your writing eggs in one basket, I usually advise. In order to have a stable stream of income in the event that one of your clients or websites should fail, you should have a number of lucrative clients or outlets. Guru is unique in that you might acquire a number of fantastic clientele without ever leaving their website!

However, Guru is a little trickier to understand than most writing websites, and the more you know, the quicker you can start reaping the benefits. This is not the kind of website where you apply, write, and then get paid. There is more to it than that, so let me explain it in more detail.


How Do I Apply As A Freelance Writer On Guru.com?

Create a normal account on Guru, instead of applying to be a writer. After visiting Guru.com and creating an account, you must fill out a profile. Make care to fill it out as completely as you can and add the finest samples you have. Be sure to complete the basic account to an 80% level.

Guru offers both a paid Guru account and a free basic account, unlike many other websites. The fact is that premium accounts are required to access the very best jobs. But that doesn’t mean that free accounts are worthless. The average pay for a 1000 word piece among the folks I know ranges between $300 and $500 and they only have a basic account.


How Do I Set Up My Freelance Profile On Guru.com?

You can look at the numerous jobs that are available after completing your profile. They have a fantastic search engine that enables you to filter the jobs. This helps you only see jobs that you qualify and suites your interests. The Guru search has a pretty fantastic feature that lets you know what is accessible if you upgrade your account. That is a mystery on many websites.

When creating your profile, it’s critical to mention your expertise. From lists within categories, you can choose. The search options will be made more efficient as a result.

Guru is also not just a website for writers. A freelance website, they are. This implies that there are numerous freelancing positions available locally. This is also another benefit of using the search option. On this website, you can apply for jobs in website design, coding, and just about any other form of freelance work.


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How Can I Locate Jobs As A Freelance Writer On Guru.com ?

You’ll note, for example, that the pay scale is constantly in flux. This is due to Guru’s lack of a predetermined pricing. Each customer specifies their desired price for the job and has a budget.

Move on to the next job if you find that jobs current prices are not suitable. There will be low paying jobs available. Just as on any other foreign job site. Simply let them go and give them to people who find that pay rate tolerable.

The best customers seeking excellent writers are likely to be found in the European, Australian. Canadian, Asian, and American markets. They demand authors who are natural English speakers. And won’t accept anything less than flawless grammar and spelling.


What Are The Payment Options Available On Guru.com?

With Guru, payment methods differ slightly from those on other websites. Until the transaction is finished, Guru keeps the client’s money. You have a number of payment choices. This  includes Paypal and direct bank deposit. Payment often occurs within 24 hours.

Paying isn’t as simple as it first appears. You will complete and send the client’s invoice from within your account. You receive the remaining funds once Guru deducts transaction costs from your payment. You can specify where the money is transferred to as it posts to your account so that you can access it.


Conclusion: There are lots of different work market on Guru that you can access. Knowing the basics listed above can help you access a side job as a writer on Guru.com

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