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How To Make Money On 99designs

by Oboypapi


Finding clients on a regular basis is one of the major challenges for many independent graphic designers. With the help of 99designs, independent contractors may demonstrate their skills, look for employment prospects, and create a solid network.

How much money can you expect to make at 99designs? This relies on the rates you establish for each project if you’re a freelancer. You have total control over your rates and the assignments you accept on 99designs. Regardless of your area of expertise—web and app design, logo design, or packaging design—you are free to select only the jobs that make you happy.

In this post, you will learn how 99designs functions, how it helps independent graphic designers, and how to get started as a freelancer.

What Is 99designs?

Freelance graphic designers may display their work and get clients for a range of tasks on 99designs by Vista, a creative platform. A global network of graphic designers for the Australian company has produced more than a million projects for various clients.

The platform frees up freelancers’ time so they can focus on their art rather than spending it on client acquisition and marketing. 99designs serves as a mediator for those looking for freelance work and can greatly lessen stress for independent designers who worry about not having enough work.



What Are Some Pros And Cons Of 99designs?

A freelancing platform offers advantages and disadvantages. Whether it will help your career or not depends on whether you like the self-motivated and less constrained environment that freelancing offers or whether you seek job stability from long-term employment. The following information can assist you in determining whether 99designs is the ideal platform for you.

Pros Of 99designs

#1. Less time spent looking for customers: One of the most difficult components of freelancing is figuring out where to find your next project. You have a platform to sell your services to companies and business owners who are precisely looking for graphic designers thanks to 99designs.

#2. Control Over Workload: You can work as much or as little as you choose when you freelance. You have the option to work on additional projects on the side while managing an online client with 99designs.

#3. Remote work: Utilize the 99designs platform to work remotely from any location at your convenience. Meeting clients does not need dressing up. All interactions and transactions are available on the website by just going to your account.


Cons On 99designs

#1. Communication Problems: Because 99designs is a global platform, it can be challenging to communicate with clients that speak a different language. Even if the client speaks English, it is simple for messages to be misunderstood.


#2. Determined Effort: Clients profit from 99designs’ marketplace approach to design contests, while designers may waste time if they don’t place. You can use it as a learning experience to sharpen your design abilities and methods.


#3. Strong Opposition: You will have to compete with other excellent graphic designers during contests because there are plenty of them in the world. It can be difficult to draw clients in the beginning if you are an entry-level designer on the platform because they frequently favor specialists in the sector.


How Much Money Can I Make On 99designs?

The complexity and nature of the design work will determine the rates and awards for each project. You have the choice to decide on a price for the services you will provide if a client employs you directly. If the design is complex, you can charge more or base your price on industry standards.

Clients pay between $299 and $1,299 for design contests, depending on the contest package. If your entry is chosen, you could win a significant portion of the package price. Even if you come in last in the competition, you still own the full rights to your design and can alter it as you see fit for potential customers.



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