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How To Make Money Online With SlideShare

by Oboypapi

We’ll cover all there is to know about SlideShare in this article, including how to use it, why it’s important to marketers. We’ll learn how you can use it to produce outstanding content for your company.

What Is Slideshare?

SlideShare is a platform for sharing your content. It enables you to post media presentations and publish them on your website or social media profile. Presentations, infographics, videos, and documents all function well on the platform.

Even though SlideShare is not a tool for creating content, it is compatible with formats that already exist. Like Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, Google Slides, and OpenDocument.

The most well-known aspect of SlideShare is its ability to publish presentations and webinars easily online while also serving as a comprehensive instructional resource.


Why Should You Market on SlideShare?

SlideShare provides businesses with a distinctive and engaging way to present content online. Your users will be more engaged with your content if you add a presentation to your blog posts, web pages, and social media feeds.

You may also easily display lengthier, more complicated content on SlideShare. Users can quickly upload and view webinars or presentations to access them at their convenience.

Consider these presentations to be more interactive infographics.

It’s also important to remember that SlideShare has 80 million users. Business professionals make up most of its user base, and the following tags are often searched:

  • Markets
  • Business
  • Statistics
  • Social media

Additionally, business owners visit SlideShare 500% more often than they do Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. B2B marketers seeking to connect with relevant audiences might greatly profit from this.


How Do I Create A SlideShare Presentation?

1. Create an account on SlideShare.

Signing up for an account is the first step in producing and sharing your first SlideShare presentation. You can sign in using your LinkedIn account if you have one if you have a profile there. You must create a LinkedIn profile in order to use the platform if you don’t already have one.


2. Put Together Your Presentation

Use consistent typefaces and color schemes when developing your presentation.

To ensure cohesion across your content, it is always a good idea to use your own branding assets when creating your presentation.

Add A Call To Action: Include a CTA on your intro and outro slides so  your audience continues to engage with you after the presentation.


3. Put Your Presentation Online

It’s time to post your presentation to the website once you’ve completed generating it. Your presentation can be uploaded as a Google Slide, Microsoft PowerPoint, or PDF file.

If you want your presentation to go online at a specified time, SlideShare lets you schedule it. When it goes live, make sure to promote it widely and spread the word about it on your social media accounts to ensure a large audience.


Three Ways To Help You Sell On SlideShare

#1. Use Graphic Content

Anyone who has created a PowerPoint presentation is aware that it shouldn’t contain a lot of text. This is particularly crucial when organizing your presentation for SlideShare because online users have a tendency to become distracted by text-heavy information.

The 5/5/5 rule is a general guideline to adhere to when making any kind of presentation:

  • text lines have 5 words each.
  • a slide with five lines of text
  • 5 slides with a lot of text

Use largely visual content in your SlideShare presentation, and keep your writing short and to the point to keep viewers interested and engaged.


#2. Include a call to action (CTA) In Your Content

Your SlideShare presentation should function as a section of your sales funnel, guiding prospects through the phases of education, nurturing, and persuasion. You must include calls to action (CTAs) throughout your content if you want to successfully move your clients through these phases.

A CTA can be a request for customers to get in touch with you or perhaps a link to a free trial. Additionally, you may suggest that your client visit your website or subscribe to your email list.

Whatever you decide, make sure to strategically position it so that your buyer will see it. Use a benefit-forward statement that demonstrates to your customer how their click will benefit them.


#3. Keep Your Speech Brief And On  Point.

Given the short attention spans of internet readers, it’s crucial to keep your presentation brief to keep your audience interested.

Presentations that are overly long or bulky will lose the reader’s attention and cost your company leads. Shorter presentations are simpler to understand and increase the likelihood that readers will see your final CTA.

On its platform, SlideShare has acknowledged that shorter visual material performs well.

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